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I don't really know how to use this feature. Does anyone have any experience using this method? How does it work? A: I assume you're talking about Matrix Cycles. Matrix Cycles is the way to make sure you don't miss any Delta Turns on your Matrix. You'd run a Matrix long, watch for entry to a Cycle, then you'd watch for exit to a Cycle. Your Charts will have a "Cycle" and "Delta" tab. The Delta tab shows you the best Cycle for each and every Tradeable Bar. The Cycle tab shows you if you have anything in your Cycle. Hopefully, this explanation helps. I use it for my own DD Trading. Note: in the Cycle tab, you may have to refresh the Cycle lists. Q: Python TypeError: expected float, not str I'm trying to build a search engine but I have a problem. here is the code: def search(args): global dic query = args.get("query") dic = {'ident':lambda l: re.sub("[^a-zA-Z]+"," ",l)} pos = 0 for i in query: if i in dic['ident']: pos += 1 print("ident ",dic['ident'],dic['ident'].index(i)) print("positive ",pos) else: print(i,dic['ident']) return print(pos) Searching for: echo "hello world" Gives me this error: >>> python3 query string Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 11, in search(args) File "", line 6, in search dic = {'ident':lambda l: re.sub("[^a





Dynamic Trader 6 Free Download Crack

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