Anxiety is my middle name

Todays topic.. ANXIETY! I feel like do many of as have experienced some form of anxiety throughout our lives. For some people, including me, it feel just as common as brushing your teeth.

Looking back I can tell I've had anxiety since a very young age. The first type I can remember having is Social Anxiety. I was an am still scared of people, and social situations, and what may happen in those moments! That feeling you get before a performance or a test, that was me over almost any social situation.

As I got older I forced myself into those uncomfortable moments, and life just forced me to face it.

At this point in my life I feel like I get anxiety over EVERYTHING! yes, EVERYTHING! Even if one day something doesn't bother me, the next week I could get anxious about the same thing. I feel like for so long I let anxiety keep me from doing ANYTHING. Every possibility and negative thought would eat at me to where I felt stuck. I still have these days

BUTTTT within my health and fitness journey I am always trying to search for new ways to cope, succeed, and not be controlled by my anxiety. So today I want to share what I currently like and encourage you to search for the same.

Recently what has helped me most IS journaling, meditating, nutrition, fitness, and talking. This can sound and be overwhelming, and even typing it out looks overwhelming. I have been into nutirtion and fitness for a while now and how they corolate with my anxiety. BUT the idea of anything like journaling or medititating was beyond overwhelming. I dont know about anyone else but anytime someone has told me to try either it felt like there was a specific, "right" way to do it. And the last thing I wanted to do was another scary thing to my mental load. It seemed like more work than reward.

I put aside my fear and thought, fuck it. I need to try this shit people are talking about ALL THE TIME, BUT what I finally got myself to realize was that I needed to do it in my OWN way! Grow with my mental state and do what type of journaling and meditating was best for ME! So finally this past few months I have been consistently journaling in a guided journal and teaching myself to meditate (or for me, just BREATHE). Even though I use a guided journal I write what I want to write, what makes me feel mentally better THAT DAY! No pressure, no rules, no requirements. Even though there are many ways to meditate i do wht makes me feel better THAT DAY! Wether I journal one word of how I feel or fill up the whole page with dream and ideas, IT'S OK. Somedays my goals is just 5 concious breaths while i sit with myself and IT'S OK, thats perfect.

When it comes to our physical and mental health we need release this pressure for perfection and doing thing the RIGHT WAY and instead focus on doing things in the way that is best for us in our own moments of time. We cannot let our anxieties stop us from anything we want! We have to take it for what it is that day and give ourselves what WE need in that moment. So try something new! If it eases your anxiety and makes you feel better, hold onto that. If it doesn't, release it from your like without any feeling of failure.

Be kind to your mind, work WITH yourself to heal. The mind is a powerful thing and we can push past any negative tricks it may play on itself.

----- comment your experience, or questions. This is me just "talking" sharing my thoughts in the moment, my feelings, and keeping it REAL. Lets talk!

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